Interview for Radio 94 about Castle Orehek

In this occasion, we talked with Maruša Mele Pavlin for Radio 94 about Orehek Castle and its critical conditions. We talked about cultural heritage, its meaning and why it is important for the country and for each citizen. Also we did a comparison of the current bad situation of Slovenia's heritage and the differences with other countries, how do they respect their heritage and the differences that I'm learning on my trip from the Balcans through East Europe countries and along the Baltic nations.

  • Here you can listen the full interview:

Deseti Ravbarjev večer

Speech about Haasberg Palace at Deseti Ravbarjev večer I had the privilege to be amog very special people at the 10th Ravbar's night in Planina. On this event I spoke about the importance of Haasberg palace for Planina, about the importance of the union and friendship between the local people in Planina. It was a heavy rainy night but full of magic in the heart of the remains of Kleinhausel's remain tower. Many thanks to Tanja Žigon, Jana Ulaga and the great people from Planina. ravbarjev-vecer-10-7 ravbarjev-vecer-10-1 ravbarjev-vecer-10-2 ravbarjev-vecer-10-3 ravbarjev-vecer-10-4 ravbarjev-vecer-10-5    

Exhibition of Haasberg reconstruction at TIC Postojna – Slovenia

It was an amazing evening in company with the people from different surrounding villages (mostly from Planina and Postojna). We have presented the reconstruction of Haasberg palace, we spoke about its story and about the importance of recover it.
Many thanks to Tina Poljšak, Muzej Krasa, Občina Postojna, and to each member of TIC Postojna for giving me the space to show this amazing reconstruction and also for helping me to prepare the exhibition. THANK YOU!
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(pictures: Notranjsko Primorske Novice newspaper)


(FKS05-AD) Presentation Ljudska Univerza Postojna

Wednesday 29.10.14, Postojna We had a wonderful time at Ljudska University in Postojna where we presented the new research of Adelsberg Castle under the code FKS05-AD. At the same time Tina Poljšak from Notranjski Muzej Postojna, gave a presentation for kids about medieval times, knights and castles. It was an extremely positive evening. Lot of people not only from Postojna but also from the surrounding villages attended to learn more about their old castle on top of Sovič hill. As we said on FKS05-AD's page, it only remain a few traces of Adelsberg castle, that is why most of the people were really surprised to see the size and the majestic structure that once upon a time reigned the area from its "eagle's nest" Sovič. cpo (3) cpo (2) cpo (1) cpo (11) cpo (10) cpo (9) cpo (8) cpo (7) cpo (6) cpo (5) cpo (4)

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