Presentation for Skupnosti Srečanje in Vremski Britof

Wednesday 01.04.15 We share an extremely beautiful evening while presenting FKS01-ŠK at Skupnosti Srečanje in Vremski Britof. The guys from Skupnosti Srečanje together with Alen Novak and Matevž Gerželj cleaned Školj castle, pruned the blackberry trees and did an extraordinary job up there in just 2 DAYS!!!!! CONGRATULATIONS! It takes 3 seconds to change your life or someone's life. The first second you realise your capacity or just to have an idea, on the second you just plan it and on the third one you just take action. It was really beautiful to see them enjoying at the presentation, learning, asking and getting interested in Školj, but what it was really stunning it was to see on their faces how proud they were on helping others and feeling important to Slovenia. And in fact they are very important to the world! They've showed to Slovenia what passion and strength could do in a couple of hours. Just amazing. Thank you very much.   cssf (1)-2300 cssf (2)-2300    
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