Current situation

On top of the highest peak of Sovič hill, at 677m from the sea level once upon a time there was the most powerful castle in the area.
It had many names, but all of them had the same meaning: "Eagle's nest".
Adelsberg, Adlersberg, Arišperk or Postojna castle controlled a vast region and it was owned by the most important families in these lands.
It resisted the attacks of mighty and brave armies such as the Venetians and the Ottomans, it also had survived the most powerful destructive forces on Earth for although damaged twice by earthquakes it still stood firmly and proud on its rock.
Unluckily a thunderbolt strike set it on fire the night of 1689 and burned it to its ashes, after the fire the landlords settled in Dvorec Adelsberg (today Inštitut za raziskovanje Krasa) which it was almost finished by that time.

During the first and the second world war the castle and its site suffered the negligence of these periods, most of the remaining walls were demolished by soldiers to clear the area to transform Sovič into a surveillance point.
The second world war passed by and Sovič has been forgotten, trees began to grow and to cover Adelsberg's last remains and became a legend.

A mighty castle hidden in the forest, on top of Postojna's heart waiting to be found for some young adventurer or maybe to be visited once again by an old citizen who knew its exact position.
After the tragedy that covered Postojna on ice exactly the 01.02.2014, electricity towers and trees were noisly falling everywhere leaving with them a deep scar in each forest, but slowly and in silence Postojna's symbol reappeared once again.

Nowadays it's only remaining less than the 5% of the castle so it's an utopia try to rebuild it. What is for sure, is that its ruins could be secured and revalued, so each "Postojnčan" could rise up its head upon Sovič, see the ruins and have an ideal to follow or maybe a beautiful story to tell to its sons or great sons.

Expeditions to Adelsberg

Adelsberg begins to fly