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Interview on Radio 94 about grad Kalec (18.2.16)

Radio 94 Kalec               On Thursday 18.2,  Maruša Mele Pavlin interviewed Juan P. Maschio at Radio 94 They talked about Grad Kalec or Kalec Castle. During the amazing interview they discussed about the Slovenian heritage, about its critical situation and about new possibilities in the future to bring it back to life. Thank you very much Maruša and Radio 94.   Here you can listen the audio:

Interview for Primorske Novice newspaper

On this link you can read the interview about Socerb Castle that Juan P. Maschio gave for Nataša Hlaj and Primorske Novice. The present conditions of Socerb Castle are really sad. This opens the discussion about how to protect the cultural heritage, about how the state should take care of it, the lack of respect from the tenant or owners, and the total lack of passion and control from the main organism which is in charge to supervise the heritage. This interview, probably it's a new page for the Slovenian heritage, a new page which could be part of a new and better chapter for our culture...   Link to the interview

Interview at Pogled v Znanost (Radio ARS Slovenija)

pogledvznanost_a Goran Tenze interviewed Juan P. Maschio for the well known cultural program Pogled v znanost in Radio ARS Slovenija. In this amazing interview we talked not only about Feniks but also about the Slovenian heritage's critical situation, the importance of taking care of it and about many interesting things. You can listen at this wonderful audio on the link below. Thank you very much Goran! Link:

Interview on Radio 94 (17.6)

IMG-20150618-WA0000 On Wednesday 17.6, Juan P. Maschio gave an interview to Maruša Mele Pavlin at Radio 94 about Haasberg reconstruction. It was a really beautiful moment, full of good energy, sharing interesting info about Haasberg and Projekt Feniks to the Slovenians. Thank you very much Maruša, Jure Škodič and Radio 94.   Here you can listen the audio:  

Exhibition of Haasberg reconstruction at TIC Postojna – Slovenia

It was an amazing evening in company with the people from different surrounding villages (mostly from Planina and Postojna). We have presented the reconstruction of Haasberg palace, we spoke about its story and about the importance of recover it.
Many thanks to Tina Poljšak, Muzej Krasa, Občina Postojna, and to each member of TIC Postojna for giving me the space to show this amazing reconstruction and also for helping me to prepare the exhibition. THANK YOU!
Razstava haasberg (7)razstava-haasberg-3Razstava haasberg (12)Razstava haasberg (8)Razstava haasberg (10)Razstava haasberg (11)Razstava haasberg (6)Razstava haasberg (3)Razstava haasberg (1)Razstava haasberg (9)

(pictures: Notranjsko Primorske Novice newspaper)


Interview for RTV Slovenija 1

Thursday 02.04.15 cRTV SLO The journalist Barbara Renčof from RTV Slovenija 1, interviewed Juan Pablo Maschio in Školj castle. On the interview he presented Projekt Feniks' work on FKS01-ŠK Školj and he explained about the importance of recovering the Slovenian cultural heritage. Mirjam Frankovič from TKŠD Urbanščica shared the ideas about the castle's value and the impact that it could have Školj's restoration.

Link (minute 7:03)!arhiv/slovenska-kronika/174328501

Presentation for Skupnosti Srečanje in Vremski Britof

Wednesday 01.04.15 We share an extremely beautiful evening while presenting FKS01-ŠK at Skupnosti Srečanje in Vremski Britof. The guys from Skupnosti Srečanje together with Alen Novak and Matevž Gerželj cleaned Školj castle, pruned the blackberry trees and did an extraordinary job up there in just 2 DAYS!!!!! CONGRATULATIONS! It takes 3 seconds to change your life or someone's life. The first second you realise your capacity or just to have an idea, on the second you just plan it and on the third one you just take action. It was really beautiful to see them enjoying at the presentation, learning, asking and getting interested in Školj, but what it was really stunning it was to see on their faces how proud they were on helping others and feeling important to Slovenia. And in fact they are very important to the world! They've showed to Slovenia what passion and strength could do in a couple of hours. Just amazing. Thank you very much.   cssf (1)-2300 cssf (2)-2300